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With Eyes To See

   Discover the answers
to many of the
mysteries of the
Old and New Testaments
from the
Garden of Eden
to the
Garden of Gethsemane.

What an exciting book to read. It is one that is hard to put down. The author made the scriptures come alive, with descriptions of the events. She has a talent that everyone should be able to enjoy, as the actual events are revealed taking place. It is my firm belief that someday most will be able to enjoy this special talent, I think it is inevitable in our future. I enjoyed the travels, and reading this book has been a joy to me. The author is way ahead of the times.
Grant C. Casper
Heber, UT

By Purchasing With Eyes To See,
you get to examine...

  • What God's cherubs actually looked like.   

  • Physical descriptions of the people of the Old and New Testaments.

  • David's writing of the Book of Psalms.  

  • The Last Supper Jesus shared with his chosen apostles.

  • The Ascension of Christ.

The potential stretches the imagination beyond normal comprehension, especially to realize the far-reaching implications of what may be so readily available through mere thought.

As I read With Eyes to See, I found myself with many thoughts and feelings going through my mind.  I have grown up with the stories in our scriptures and they have impressed on my mind the way I should live and given me purpose to my life.  With Eyes to See made the scriptures more real to me.  It gave me details that I would not of thought about and gave me more details that helped me feel like they had lives as we did.  It added more detail to what I knew and I enjoyed everything that Bonny could see.  It helped made me feel closer to the people in the scriptures. I would think anyone would enjoy some new insight to our scriptures.
Sandra Thacker

Join the authors, Bonny Adams and John Terry , as they take you into the ancient past, of Biblical history, and discover answers to many of the mysteries surrounding notable characters of the Bible and events such as: 

·        Abraham -  How close was the sacrifice of Isaac?

·        Enoch - Find out where the city was located.

·        The Star of Bethlehem - What was it?

·        Mary Magdalene - Who was this notable character?

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wondered whether the peculiar stories of the Old Testament are really true, and wished that you had the ability to somehow travel back to the very time when these events actually took place. 

This is no longer just wishful thinking, but is available to all who allow their minds to enter a state of deep relaxation, for within each of us is the ability to travel through space and time at will and access knowledge of the ages by mere contemplation.

In our book, we share our most favorite and beloved spiritual traveling experiences. We know that as you read these experiences that you will find resolution to many of your unanswered questions concerning the parts of Biblical history that were left out by those who translated that beloved book.

We have also been asked to teach an online course in UFOlogy at IMU, the International Metaphysical University (click on the link below for more details).

Best Wishes,

Bonny Adams and John Terry

Right now you are investing a few minutes of your time.  Make the choice now to also invest a few dollars in dramatically changing your life!

There are People who make things happen.
There are People who watch things happen.
Then there are People who wonder what happened!

Make positive things happen for you today!  Life favors those who are bold, who take positive action.

This book is for those who believe that the Universe has a purpose, and that You have a purpose, and want to Achieve and Manifest your purpose in life.

Order Now!

This innate power is almost beyond our wildest imaginings, yet is readily available to each of us as we learn to quiet the mind to a state of relaxed focus.

The long-dreamt of ability of mind travel, as time and space are circumvented and events and personalities of the past,  present, or future realms are readily and plainly revealed.


I thought “With Eyes To See” was wonderful. The author brought life to the scriptures with her detailed descriptions of the events in the Bible. I felt the spirit so strongly in reading this book that I could not keep from weeping.  It is unquestionably a must read for all who seek for spiritual truth and knowledge.


Bonnie Kieffer

Los Angles, CA

Here are just some of the possibilities this book has to offer.

At last, the dreams and reflections of poets, authors, and playwrights from the beginning of recorded history—traveling in space and time!

You will be fascinated with the discovery of unknown ideas about the lives of the famous and not-so-famous.

It is my firm belief that someday most will be able to enjoy this special gift; I think it is inevitable in our future.

If you have always wondered if Mind Travel was possible, now to read about the actual experiences of the author's is fantastic. 

Inborn within each of us is the ability to communicate directly with others through thought, the power to control matter and energy with our minds, to travel through time and space at will, and to access knowledge and intelligence by mere contemplation.  

Is it rational to even consider that within the human mind is the ability to somehow warp the fabric of time and space and allow us to examine history and future events?

A whole new world of knowledge is available to those who allow the "mind shift" to take place, as preconceived reality is replaced with experiential and observed reality.

I found this book to be both spiritually uplifting and refreshing. The author’s description of events were sensible and written in such a refreshing style that anyone reading’ With Eyes To See’  would feel the spirit and know  what the author experienced during the travels, and  are without doubt most certainly true.


Having read the first book’ Through The Eyes Of A Traveler,’ which she co- authored, I found that I was enthusiastically waiting for a book that she might write such as this, and I have not been disappointed.  This book is a must read for all who have unanswered questions concerning events of the Bible.


Matthew Sloan

Ret Lt Col. US Air  Force

San Diego, CA

What are Some of the Possible Implications of
Mind Travel? 

  • Consider what it would mean to get a firsthand view into the lives of your own parents, grandparents’ or great-grandparents’ day.

  • What would it be worth to actually witness the masterful plans of God in the building Noah's Ark.

  • What value could possibly be placed on observing Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane.

  • Who hasn’t wondered about how Adam and Eve survived their expulsion from the Garden, or wished that they could unlock the mystery of events that led Cain to murder his brother Abel.

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Find out what John and Bonny have discovered over the years of research into this remarkable phenomenon as they have helped initiate numerous so-called past-life regressions for others and themselves. Then decide for yourself whether it is truly Fact of Fiction?

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