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Through the Eyes
of a

   examines our innate ability to travel through time and space at will, to communicate directly with others and access knowledge and intelligence through mere thought, the power to control matter with our minds,
and all this by means of
"focused relaxation"
using ReSPITE® techniques.

I have always wondered if Mind Travel was possible and now to read about the actual experiences of one of the authors is fantastic. I now want to see if I can experience this for myself. The only word that I can think of to describe this book is Fantastic! 

Blain McHenry
Wilington, NC

Join the authors, John Terry and Bonny Adams, as they take you into the past, present, and the future.  Discover what happened to such notable figures as: 

·        Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

·        Amelia Earhart

·        The men who escaped from Alcatraz

·        Genghis Khan

From:  John Terry and Bonny Adams

Dear Friend,

You can now benefit from one of the most remarkable discoveries of the information age! 

After over twenty years of research and application, these principles once thought to be purely science fiction are finally revealed to the public, in a concise, easy to follow set of instructions that will allow any and all to experience the amazing phenomenon.

If you want to encounter a new reality, this might just be the most important book you'll have the chance to read!

Right now you are investing a few minutes of your time.  Make the choice now to also invest a few dollars in dramatically changing your life!

There are People who make things happen.
There are People who watch things happen.
Then there are People who wonder what happened!

Make positive things happen for you today!  Life favors those who are bold, who take positive action.

This book is for those who believe that the Universe has a purpose, and that You have a purpose, and want to Achieve and Manifest your purpose in life.

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By Purchasing Through the Eyes of a Traveler,
you get to examine...

  • The methods and techniques that unlock dormant powers of the mind.   

  • Alternate states of consciousness of the human mind.

  • The five most common fears that stifle the altered state of mind, and how to overcome them.  

  • The authors’ clear step-by-step instructions and techniques.

  • The signs of a deep state of mind relaxation.

The potential stretches the imagination beyond normal comprehension, especially to realize the far-reaching implications of what may be so readily available through mere thought.

This book is a "must read" for those with any interest at all in
alternative states of consciousness of the human mind. You will be
fascinated with the discovery of unknown ideas about the lives of the famous and not-so-famous. And, with the tutorial nature of portions of the book, you too can become a "traveler." 

RC Fillerup
Attorney at Law

This innate power is almost beyond our wildest imaginings, yet is readily available to each of us as we learn to quiet the mind to a state of relaxed focus.

Mind Boggling! It's crazy to me that such things are possible as they are described in this book, but it seems that they must be! I'm excited to see if these techniques can actually work on me!

Heather Simons
Provo, UT 

The long-dreamt of ability of mind travel, as time and space are circumvented and events and personalities of the past,  present, or future realms are readily and plainly revealed.

Here are just some of the possibilities this book has to offer.

At last, the dreams and reflections of poets, authors, and playwrights from the beginning of recorded history—traveling in space and time!

Fascinating analysis of the possibilities of mind-based time & space travel.

You will be fascinated with the discovery of unknown ideas about the lives of the famous and not-so-famous.

With the tutorial nature of the book, you too can become a "traveler."

If you have always wondered if Mind Travel was possible, now to read about the actual experiences of the author's is fantastic. 

Inborn within each of us is the ability to communicate directly with others through thought, the power to control matter and energy with our minds, to travel through time and space at will, and to access knowledge and intelligence by mere contemplation.  

Is it rational to even consider that within the human mind is the ability to somehow warp the fabric of time and space and allow us to examine history and future events?

A whole new world of knowledge is available to those who allow the "mind shift" to take place, as preconceived reality is replaced with experiential and observed reality.

Presents a fascinating analysis of the possibilities of mind-based
time/space travel. It also reinforces the view that prophecy and
revelation are simple derivatives of time/space and can be
scientifically evaluated. 

Walter Nicholes

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What are Some of the Possible Implications of
Mind Travel? 

  • Consider what it would mean to get a firsthand view into the lives of your own parents, grandparents’ or great-grandparents’ day.

  • What would it be worth to actually witness the masterful hands of Michael Angelo or Leonardo da Vinci in the very process of brush stroke and chisel?

  • What value could possibly be placed on observing Handel, Beethoven, or Mozart as they put quill pen to parchment to capture what must have been heard only in the privacy of their own minds?

  • Who hasn’t wondered about the Kennedy brothers’ assassinations, or wished they could unlock the mysteries surrounding Amelia Earhart’s sudden disappearance, or the demise of the notorious Butch and Sundance, or the events of the infamous escape from Alcatraz Island.

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When I picked this book up I planned to skim lightly. As soon as I
read the first chapter, I was captured. I raced forward to see what was
next. Each chapter grabbed me and held my attention. I wish I could
learn to travel as the author does. I would recommend this book for
anyone, but especially those who seek adventure. I look forward to
future books on this same subject. 

Doug Lund 
Roby, MO

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FREE BONUS #1 - With Eyes to See Extract Take a personal look at an extract from our newest and 2nd in the series of books on Mind Travel called With Eyes to See.

It is a compilation of some of our most interesting and exciting Time Travels into the personalities and events in the Old and New Testament eras, covering the span of time from the Garden of Eden to the Garden of Gethsemane and uncovering many of Biblical history's unanswerable mysteries.

FREE Bonus #2 - 20 Minute Phone Consultation: Every customer will receive a Free 20-Minute Consultation, a $35 value, with John or Bonny.  You will receive personal training and answers to your questions about ReSPITE® Relaxation Techniques and Mind Travel.  Note - We don't know how long we will be able to offer these personal consultations, so act now!

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After twenty years of studying, reading, and application, these Principles of Reality Creation and Visualization with Emotion finally crystallized in an inspirational burst over the course of two days.  I fill out a HoloCreation Sheet every day and it's the most effective action I do.

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